Idea: Admin Pages

A new way to create custom WordPress Admin Menu Pages using Bricks Templates and assign them to specific User Roles.


  • Hiding and ordering menu items per role is a must have for a custom wp backend! Like here: Maybe not all the features are needed, but just basic hiding and reordering wp menu items for editors would be very usefull!

  • Perhaps have a way to remove items from the admin menu via the ID of the list item (e.g, in the case of Bricks, the list item has an ID of “toplevel_page_bricks” []), or by the text that shows up for each list item (e.g, again in the case of Bricks, that would be “Bricks”, found within the div.wp-menu-name element). You could include the option to use RegEx to make managing these exclusions easier.

  • Hendrik Visser

    Would be nice if we could also remove items from admin menu.

What do you think about this idea?