Idea: Conditions Extended

Describe the feature you’d like to see included in Oxygen.

Extending If>so pre-defined conditions by:
With the following criteria:

Geolocation (country, city, state, continent)
_It’s a lot of different APIs that can be used I have a say here where I believe some is better than others, if we have it integrated and just need to add our API key its gold_
User’s device
Start & end date
Schedule – specific days and hours
Referral source
User’s browser language
Dynamic URL / Query-string
Advertising platforms
First-time visitors
Returning visitors
Pages visited
A/B testing (maybe should be moved into a completely new part)

What are the use cases for this feature?
Make it easier for non-developers to build more dynamic landing pages. If user coming form x or y State in the US set to display text. If the user is coming from a Mobile device display Appstore download button. If the user is an Android display Google Play store download button.

If user comes from an affiliated website display their name or logo.

All this so oxygen creators do not need to work with custom complex condition manually hacked. This would be more of an marketing feature. So that we would be able to build 1 template with several conditions to fulfill different criteria or to be able to extend the possibilities of what a landing page can show. We are approaching 2020 and landing pages need more personalization, this would let us conversion rate optimize better and personalize the user’s experience.

Examples of this feature or functionality.

If-So Dynamic Content Personalization

If Menu – Visibility control for Menus

GeoTargeting Lite – WordPress Geolocation

What do you think about this idea?