Idea: Expanding the Backend Designer

With backend designer – super idea and well done. if this could be extended to: hide items based on user roles, re arrange sidebar items to move them into different top and submenu – (which would clean up backend) – this would literally remove the need for any other plugins like uipress, wpadminify, whitelabel cms. its just 2 little things needed i think!


  • Joshua Hasenclever

    This. Plus, having an option to (e.g. by using Bricks templates) further style the log-in page.

  • Philipp Bremer

    And be able to use the theme fonts and change border radius of the buttons 😛

  • Adrien S

    Very beautiful things can be done with plugins such as UIPress, indeed.
    That is a customization that we can peacefully charge some juicy extra $$$ to clients.
    Expanding the backend designer sure would add up to BF’s value.
    I wholeheartedly support this idea!

What do you think about this idea?