Idea: Google Map with Nestable Markers

I’m using a Google Map with multiple markers for each post. In my case, i’m showing ‘attractions’ around the city. Each city has different amount of attractions. Each attraction shows up on the map with a custom marker.
Currently I’m using ACF fields to add map coordinates. I am then using these custom fields to display multiple markers on the map.

But the issue is that I can’t use an ACF repeater field for this which makes everything extremely clunky. So I have 20 different ACF fields just for the coordinates, instead of 1 repeater.

Ideally I would like a Google Map (or Mapbox) with nestable Markers, so I can turn each marker into a query.
I could then use the ACF repeater field for the coordinates, and additional fields for the marker, such as an image, title, description etc.

What do you think about this idea?