Idea: Incorporate a Framer/Figma-Style Canvas

Dear Bricks Builder Team,

I am an avid user of Bricks Builder and I’ve been contemplating ways to enhance the user experience and design capabilities of the platform. One feature I believe would greatly benefit the community is the introduction of a canvas similar to what tools like Framer or Figma offer.

The core idea is to have a free-moving canvas where users can navigate seamlessly. This would provide the flexibility to position elements in a more intuitive manner and would dramatically improve the design workflow.

Additionally, a live preview of all breakpoints on this canvas would be invaluable. This feature would allow designers to get an immediate and comprehensive view of how their designs would appear across different devices and screen resolutions. It would streamline the design process, reducing the need for constant switching and previewing, and ensuring a responsive and cohesive design output.

I genuinely believe that incorporating such a feature would set Bricks Builder apart from many competitors and offer a unique and efficient design experience for all users.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing Bricks Builder evolve and remain at the forefront of web design tools.

Warm regards,

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  • Joshua Gerrity

    I don’t see anything like this idea in the Bricks Builder idea page. I think this might be a good area to focus on, as it may not get much attention from the Bricks Builder team.

What do you think about this idea?