Idea: Repeater Element: Visually build loop content in structure panel like Oxygen Builder

It allows you to visually build loop content in the structure panel by using a post, ACF, MetaBox, or … query as your data source.

Bricks Posts element is nice but to limited. With a repeater element we can add massive control in how to display what elements and with which fields content.

– Oxygen Builder’s Repeater Element:



  • Joko Zwarteveen

    Hahaha, after posting about this in the BF group, some responders pointed out the great Query Loop feature in BB. It is very funny to me to have overlooked that feature.

  • Joko Zwarteveen

    Not to forget about that this makes it possible to use all the other powerful Bricks Builder features inside the loop.

What do you think about this idea?