Idea: Submit action: Save to custom database table

It would be great if one of the submit actions were the ability to save a form entry into a custom database table. So instead of using custom post types, if the site has custom database tables (or uses something like JetEngine’s Custom Content Type [CCT], which is Crocoblocs implementation of a custom database table entity), then there’d be a submit action that would allow saving to this custom table in the DB. And, say, when you select the custom DB table to store responses to, it automatically lists the fields in the table so that each form field can be easily mapped to the table without having to go back and having to check all the DB table field names.

P.s. I know you can do this with the current “custom” action, but that involves having to write code and using the hook, all in all, quite a lot for just wanting to save the responses to a custom table.

What do you think about this idea?