Idea: SureCart Elements

Currently SureCart does not provide Bricks support when we speak about content output. We need to change our output to WordPress, otherwise we’ll see a blank page. We need SureCart Bricks elements to use them natively.


  • Ewan Gilmour

    Yes please. I would definitely use this feature. Any ETA?

  • Really looking forward to this (and many of the BF developments, including mockups and Admin pages for some backend improvements)!

  • I change sites from Elementor to Bricks and really would love to use the SureCart Elements.

  • I realy need this 🙂 , any ETA?

  • This is so much needed, please make it real!

  • Paul Challinor

    Would you be able to let me know when it will be ready?

  • Ken Sim

    I’m currently using SureCart in Elementor and making the transition to Bricks. This would be an excellent addition this library.

What do you think about this idea?