Idea: Table Creator


  • BricksExtras are having a table creator and it’s quite good. If this isn’t a top priority for BricksForge, you might check it out fellas.

  • Nobody has done tables yet… not for Bricks, as a close integration. This would be useful to many and it #1 for that reason. This devs work is outstanding, clean, quality. Even the YT videos. Dev support is, by far, the top reason to invest in any product IMHO. So here’s hoping BricksForge tackles this first.

  • Grzegorz

    Yes please!

  • It would be great to define a SELECT query to populate the table with data. Also a tongle to auto refresh the table on time intervals, 1s, 2s 5s, 10s etc. so we can have a near live dashboard

  • Selim Hassan

    Tables are essential for certain types of output and display of information. Responsiveness is a must, of course. Ability to link to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, etc. is a must.

  • William Tam

    I would like to see it take both manual and dynamic data

  • Jornes

    Table element like this?
    *after the “GET STARTED” section.

    If yes, make it responsive on mobile. You can refer to the link above and test the responsiveness of the table on mobile view. Many table lement providers on the market are using overflow:scroll on mobile view, and we will need to scroll to the right to see the hidden portion. Not truly responsive.

  • Michael Lewis

    Would be cool if this could take manual data. All the current offerings seem to be dynamic only.

What do you think about this idea?