Idea: Visual class selector with Global Class

The idea would be to have a class selection palette equal to the bricks color selector, the classes would be pulled from the Bricksforge class manager.
In the Bricksforge Class Manager you would have the categories Layout, typograph, background, border and others, and in these categories we would add our custom classes that appear in the bricks edit separated into their categories or an icon that opens a box showing the categories with their classes.
Activating the classes in the element would be to click on the class and it would be highlighted in yellow, allowing several classes to be activated.
You would also have to apply different classes to the :hover, :active and :focus statuses.

A problem would be to have many classes ready and the style.css file becomes very large, it would be good for bricksforge to have a button to recognize the page’s active classes and generate a style.css file for each page without duplicating the classes, this way there would be one file very lightweight, because several page elements would use the same class decreasing the file size.

This is what many plugins do, but with Bricksforge’s class manager we have much more control and configuration possibilities.

What do you think about this idea?