Impress your visitors with

3D Models

Easily add your own 3D models with Bricksforge and let them interact with the user.

Why 3D Models?

The Power of Three.js

Bricksforge uses Three.js to render the 3D models. You can use GLTF and/or GLB files and then control the model instance with the Bricksforge Panel. This provides an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to creating interactions.

Easy to use

To integrate 3D models into your page, simply use the "3D Model" element and add your file as the source. That's it!


You have many options for customizing and configuring your 3D model. You can do all this using Bricks Controls.

Animation Ready

There are a pre-made animations, but if you want full control, you can animate 3D models with GSAP and the Bricksforge panel.

3D Models in action.

Interact with the robotic arm


Click the button to animate the 3D Model. This animation has been created using the Bricksforge Panel.


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