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    Limited Offer*
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* The Lifetime plan will be available as long as Bricks is available for Lifetime.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bricksforge for me?

You can create really great things with Bricks. Still, the core has certain limitations, which is okay because many don’t go beyond the standard features. Bricksforge is a plugin that extends the Bricks functionality. It allows you to develop your projects even more efficiently and think outside the box. Bricksforge is not just a set of elements. The goal is to basically give you more options and flexibility by extending the functionality. Also, Bricksforge includes many tools to customize the builder for specific user roles. This is very useful for teams or for your client, for example.

If you just want a plugin with pre-designed, fixed elements, Bricksforge might not be the right choice. There are other plugins that do just that. But Bricksforge definitely is a tool for you if you really enjoy working with Bricks and would like to have more possibilities and flexibility in design and development! If so, you’ll love Bricksforge! ♥️

Can I test Bricksforge before buying?

Yes, you can! 🙂 Create a playground and test Bricksforge for 7 days. You should buy it only if you like it 🙂

Create Playground
Do I need programming skills to use Bricksforge?

No, definitely not. Bricksforge has been developed so that any user can work with it. Nevertheless, there are different areas within the plugin that can be used for developers to extend the functionality depending on their intentions. 

Which Bricks version do I need?

Bricksforge requires at least Bricks 1.5.1.

Do you have another question? Then feel free to write to us at: