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Bricksforge should be affordable for everyone! Choose the plan that suits you best and take your Bricks development to the next level!

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For 1 Live Website


per year

1 Website

Plugin Updates



For 5 Live Websites


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5 Websites

Plugin Updates



Unlimited Live Websites


per year

Unlimited Websites

Plugin Updates



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one time

Unlimited Websites

Plugin Updates


For all prices, the appropriate tax is calculated in the checkout.
* The Lifetime plan will be available as long as Bricks is available for Lifetime.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bricksforge for me?

Bricks allows you to create impressive projects, but in some areas it has limitations – and that’s absolutely fine, because a page builder should focus on the essentials. However, if you’re looking to extend these capabilities, Bricksforge is a plugin designed to enhance Bricks. It offers more options and flexibility, enabling you to develop your projects more efficiently.

Bricksforge isn’t just a set of elements, it’s a tool that expands functionality. If you’re seeking a plugin with pre-designed, fixed elements, Bricksforge might not be the best fit. There are other plugins that cater to this need. However, if you enjoy working with Bricks and want more design and development possibilities,

Bricksforge is the tool for you. You’ll love the flexibility it offers! ♥️

Are programming skills required?

No, certainly not. Bricksforge is designed to be user-friendly, but it also includes areas within the plugin that developers can use to extend its functionality according to their needs.

Can I test Bricksforge before buying?

Yes, you can! 🙂 You can create a playground and try Bricksforge for 7 days as many times as you want!

Create Playground

Why is your refund policy so strict?

We believe in testing before buying rather than the “buy first, test later” approach. Every refund comes with high costs that we have to bear. That’s why we offer a free playground where you can test the plugin as often as you wish. If you need help with testing, such as installing dependencies, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We want to ensure you are completely sure that you need and like the plugin before you make a purchase. For this reason, we do not accept refunds on the basis of “Changed my mind”. You can find a comprehensive overview of our refund policy here:

Refund Policy
Do you have another question? Then feel free to write to us at:

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Free Playground

Test Bricksforge 7 days for free – as often you want!