Create Beautiful Emails with the

Email Designer

The Bricksforge Email Designer is a powerful builder that you can use to design your emails.

Why Email Designer?

Because designing emails with the Email Designer is so easy.

The E-Mail Designer is an entire application that was developed with Vue3 and offers you not only simplicity, but also a lot of flexibility. You have many variables at your disposal, you can create your own and even use Twig throughout the entire interface.

Vue 3

The Email Designer was developed with Vue 3. This JavaScript framework is known, among other things, for its good performance. It’s no coincidence that the Bricks Builder was also developed with Vue.

Drag & Drop

The interface is user-friendly and simple. You have a number of elements that you can use to build your email layout, for example headings, texts, images and buttons. You can move the elements around via drag and drop.


You can use Twig on the entire interface and in the canvas. Twig is a flexible, fast and secure template engine for PHP. This is just one reason why the Email Designer is so powerful. Twig is simply fun!


You can specify for each template which emails it should be used for. For example, you could use the condition "All Bricks Forms" to specify that this template should be used when an email is sent via the Bricks form.


In relation to the applied condition, you have various variables at your disposal to create emails with dynamic content. You can even create your own variables using a filter. This is particularly useful for developers.


The creation of WooCommerce emails is also supported. Conditions such as "New Order" or "Order Refunded" and a large number of variables are available for this. This allows you to create beautiful WooCommerce emails.

If Else Statements

You can use If Else statements for dynamic emails. For example, you could display certain content depending on a user's input. This makes it possible to send emails adapted to the situation.

For Loops

If you want to go a little further, you can use For Loops to iterate through arrays. For example, you could loop through WooCommerce order items and output individual data of the respective item.


It is not easy to please all e-mail clients. That's why Bricksforge renders secure table layouts from your templates that are correctly interpreted by all common email clients. Your emails will look good everywhere.

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