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Pro Forms

Pro Forms turns the creation of forms in the Bricks Editor into a new experience.

Why Pro Forms?

Powerful. Flexible. Pro Forms.

Pro Forms has become one of the most popular elements of Bricksforge. It convinces with its infinitely flexible approach to designing forms with Nestable Bricks elements. You can also use all existing Bricks functions, such as query loops. This makes Pro Forms a real gem!

Nestable Approach

Pro Forms is a nestable element. All form fields are individual elements that you can use flexibly in the structure together with all other Bricks elements to create the form.

Query Loop Support

Bricks Query Loops are supported. This allows you to automatically populate certain fields such as checkboxes or select fields with dynamic data - in a way that is familiar to you.

Styling Flexibility

The styling of extensive forms is very convenient and flexible, as you can work as usual with Bricks using global classes and variables. No magic area! Everything directly in the builder.

CRUD Operations

Pro Forms offers you all the options for managing data records, for example posts in custom post types. You can preload posts in the form, create new posts and edit or delete existing ones.

PDF Creation

Create dynamic PDF files quickly and easily after submitting the form. You can use different variables for the content, for example to transfer the user details of the form submission.


The ability to use webhooks is mandatory for any serious form system to have enough flexibility to proceed actions that are not supported out of the box.


The calculation system of Pro Forms offers you very convenient and powerful ways to perform mathematical calculations. The results are displayed to the user in real time.

Live Values

With the popular "Live Value" element, you can display the current value of form fields to the user in real time – at any place! This allows you to create a special and interactive user experience.

Multi Step Forms

With multi-step forms, you can guide your users through different form steps. You can design the navigation very flexibly, as there is a separate element for this that you can place anywhere.

Conditional Logic

Create extensive forms with fields that should only be displayed under certain conditions. This ensures a particularly innovative user experience and can be used well for configurators.


You can make validation settings for each field and display individual error messages if the field is not valid. This helps your users to complete the form.

Repeater Fields

Use repeatable fields and entire field groups and synchronize them with repeaters from ACF, ACPT, JetEngine or Metabox. You'll love this feature!

Input Masking

With input masking you can help your visitors to fill in the form in the correct way.

Live Values

Create an interactive user experience through the use of Live Values.

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Create mathematical calculations based on user data. The creation of the formula is flexible and clear.

Card Checkboxes

Our Card Checkboxes are Nestable Elements. You can design them however you like!

Rich Text

Give your users the opportunity to format their input clearly with the Rich Text Field.


You can bind our accessible slider to other form fields. You can also predefine static text values that the user can switch between.


You can add a fully customizable signature field to your form and make it look the way you want.


Create repeatable fields or field groups to give your visitors the opportunity to enter a previously not defined amount of data.

Multi Step Form

Guide your visitors through the different areas of your form. The steps you see above are a separate element that is connected to the form. You can place it wherever you want.


You can define predefined validation options or use patterns for each field. You can also define individual error messages.

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