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Why Bricksforge?


Really. We love Bricks! That is why we put all our passion into this project and use it for our own client websites.


We are the developers of the Bricks Widget Creator. You can be sure that we know what we are doing ;)


We make sure that every line of code works harmoniously with Bricks. This is noticeable in performance and usability.

Vanilla JS

Bricks has removed jQuery! Wonderful! Of course we go the same way to offer the best possible performance.

Lightweight Code

An <a> tag doesn't need twenty div containers around it. Is there anything more to say about this?

Nestable Elements

The Nestable Elements API is just awesome! We want our elements to be nestable wherever it makes sense!

Modular Approach

Activate only the features you need for your project. All other things will just not load. This way, everything remains clear.

White Label

Make a professional impression by customizing the name and look of Bricksforge to your client's UI.


Define permissions for user roles. This way you can prevent certain functions for certain users.

Customize Bricks

Customize the Bricks interface to make it easier for your clients. They will thank you with a smile ;)

Developer Friendly

Are you a developer? Then you can rejoice! We give you full access to advanced functionalities!

Community Access

We are not hiding from you. Let's work together to create something great! #brickscommunityisawesome


Core Features

Builder Customizer

Specify different settings for individual user roles and determine the appearance of the builder. You can even create completely new roles.

More Details

User Roles

Customize the Bricks Builder for current user roles or create new ones. You can change the display status of the elements, but also adjust the order via drag&drop.

Builder Theme

Customize the main builder colors and create different themes for different user roles. For example, you can customize the builder to the UI of the project.

Clean Up

There are many buttons in Bricks that your client do not use. They would overwhelm them. Therefore, you can reduce certain areas, such as the toolbar, to the essentials.

Global Classes Creator

Convert CSS code to Global Classes with one click! So you can easily include your favorite CSS framework and use it in the builder. All classes are not dependent on elements and can be used everywhere!

More Details

Create Your Sets

Each set contains global classes to which you can assign a prefix. The classes that are generated based on your CSS code are displayed in the builder as locked Global Classes.

Built In Framework

Bricksforge provides you with a small CSS framework with essentials like clamp() for font sizes, colors and spacing. Also you can use a 12 column grid for more flexibility in your design.

Full Control

You can activate or deactivate your individually created global classes with one click. They will be available in the builder only if the status is set to Active. This way you always have full control.


Extend the Builder with the power of GSAP, the leading library when it comes to high-performance animations.

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Motion Path

This is unique! Use your mouse to draw a path that your element to animate should follow. You can work as you would in Illustrator. This way you can create very complex animations very easily.


Decide when the animation of your element should start and end. You can freely control whether the trigger should be a specific viewport area, or your element should watch for events like "Click" or "Hover".


In Motion Path you have the option to set your element to respect the boundaries of parent elements. In addition, the path is always recalculated relative to the current screen width.

Bricksforge Panel

Use Bricksforge in the Builder! The panel allows you to perform complex processes (Events & GSAP Timelines) without programming.

More Details

Vue.js 3

Bricksforge, also the panel, was created in Vue.js 3, the same JavaScript Framework in which Bricks was developed. Therefore, the two harmonize very well.


Listen to different events and execute complex processes for them. This gives you endless possibilities and lets you take Bricks to the next level!

GSAP Timelines

Create stunning and more complex animations with the Bricksforge Panel using the Timelines functionality. It's all built into the panel.

Bricksforge Terminal

The Bricksforge Terminal is a command line through which you can execute commands. For example, you could create whole element structures in Emmet style or add several classes at once.

Element Structures

You save a lot of time for creating element structures, because you can create them with only one command.

Global Classes

With the terminal, you can create multiple classes at one – with an useful autocompletion.


The terminal saves your commands. You can show them clicking the "Up" button, as you know it from other command lines.

Pro Forms

Pro Forms extends the native form with impressive new features so you can do even more with it!

More Details

Multi Step Forms

Create good looking Multi Step Forms very easily. This feature includes a Summary and an optional, separate element to show the Multi Form Steps wherever you want.

More Actions!

Pro Forms extends the Form Actions. This allows you to create more complex forms and even communicate with the database. This gives you even more options!

Submit Conditions

You can set conditions for the Submit button. If these conditions are not met, you can decide what to do with the button. For example, you could hide it in that case.


Create stunning popups and control exactly when and where to display them.

More Details

No Library

The code for the popup logic is written from scratch. This ensures that there is really only what is needed for the display of popups. Nothing more. No less.


Choose between different triggers. For example, "Pageload", "Scroll Position", "Click", "Hover", set delays or control the number of executions.

+ Element

The "Popup Trigger" is available to you. This is a nestable element that allows you to freely design elements that trigger the opening or closing of the popup.


Our elements are mostly nestable and offer you a lot of flexibility in design.

More Details


In many cases, Nestable Elements make absolutely sense because they are not restricting you in design. This is the path we take with Bricksforge.


Our approach to the development of our elements is always good performance. Instead of using heavy JavaScript libraries, we prefer to program them ourselves.


No one wants to be restricted by the use of elements. That's why we develop you a good base to work with. Our best example of this is the "Flip Everything" element.

Backend Designer

Design the backend the way you want it. Bricksforge offers you many possibilities with the Backend Designer.

More Details

Login Page

Change the appearance of the login page of your WordPress installation. You can edit almost everything!

Custom Login Url

Change the URL through which your backend is accessible. Accesses via the usual URL's will be blocked.

Admin Area

Design the entire admin area the way you want it. You can also set exceptions for areas that should not be affected.

Email Designer

Design your emails with the Email Designer and use Conditions to assign which emails should receive which design.

More Details

Twig Support

You can use Twig in every area of the email designer. Twig is a modern template engine for PHP and really powerful. This gives you the flexibility you need to send dynamic emails.


The Email Designer supports WooCommerce. Assign appropriate templates and use template variables to dynamically create the content of your emails. Your emails have never looked better!


We put a lot of emphasis on flexibility! You can use lots of variables to build your emails. You also have a lot of data that you can retrieve with Twig, such as complete user or product item arrays.

And other helpful tools

Maintenance Mode

Is your website not officially released yet or are you working on it right now? Put it into maintenance mode with a few clicks and decide the look based on a Bricks template.

Font Awesome Pro

Connect your Font Awesome Pro Typekit with Bricksforge to use Pro Icons with all their styles comfortably in Bricks Builder. We love this option ourselves.

Custom Fonts Uploader

You no longer need to upload Google Fonts individually. Now you can easily upload Google Fonts in bulk. It has been integrated into the native uploader.

Mega Menu

Create beautiful Mega Menus using Bricks templates and assign them individually to your menu items. The settings have been added to the "Nav Menu" element.


Bricksforge is quite complex in several areas. Therefore, we are working on a detailed documentation, which will be complete in version 1.0.

Community Forum

We can help each other in the official community forum. The forum is a valuable companion of Bricksforge to make the tool better and better!

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