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Page Transitions

Bricksforge uses the PJAX technology with swup.js as a library for smooth page transitions.

Why Page Transitions (pjax)?

Improve the User Experience of your website

Page transitions not only improve the user experience of your website, but also reduce bandwidth and server costs. Win-win situation, right? With Bricksforge you can implement page transitions with one click! Animations can be created with CSS or GSAP.

Easy to setup

The Page Transitions are compatible with Bricks out of the box. If you don't use any other script related third party plugins, you only need a single click to control your website via Pjax.

Custom Animations

You can create your animations using CSS or manual GSAP code. If you are using the Bricksforge Panel, you can also select one of your timelines to be played.


You have various options for determining which pages the website should use Pjax for. You can control this via pre defined link selectors or via a dedicated routing management.

Compatibility Area

Bricksforge offers out of the box compatibility with all Bricks and Bricksforge features. If you use third party plugins, you have the possibility to re-initialize scripts after a page transition.


You can pick up different events. For example, you can execute certain code when a user clicks on a link that would lead to a page transition. This gives you a lot of flexibility.


The Pjax integration was integrated with accessibility in mind. New page visits are announced to screen readers, the focus is restored after changing the content and more.

Page Transitions (pjax) in action.

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