Increase your efficiency with the


The Bricksforge Terminal is a command line that you can use to perform various tasks.

Why Bricksforge Terminal?

The terminal is a real time saver

You can use it to add new element structures, assign global classes and define IDs or attributes. In addition, a flexible syntax allows you to define each Bricks control using text input.

Always there

You can open your terminal with a shortcut and start entering text straight away – or open it via the bricks top bar.


Existing elements or CSS classes are automatically suggested to you. This can save you even more time.


As you are used to from terminals, there is also a history. You can use it by clicking on the "Up" key.

Element Structures

Create complete, nested element structures in just a few seconds. You can use all elements, including those from other plugins.

Global Classes

The Bricksforge Terminal allows you to add Global Classes. If the global class does not exist yet, a new one will be created.

ID & Attributes

You can customize the element ID as well as define individual attributes. This would otherwise require many clicks in the Bricks Builder.

Flexible Syntax

With a flexible syntax, you have the option of defining each Bricks control, e.g. the text or the tag of a headline.

Custom commands

By right-clicking on an element in the Structure panel, you can save the entire structure in a command and reuse it.


The Bricksforge Panel will play a major role, as it can be linked to many useful functions in the future.

Bricksforge Terminal in action.

Some Syntax Insights

This command creates a div element with two children: A headline and a rich text.

This command creates 5 text elements with a pre defined attribute "data-type".

This command creates a block element with the global class "inner" and a heading as children. The heading is a h2 and the text will be "Hello World".

This command just assigns a global class to the current active element. If the class does not exist, a new one will be added.

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