Idea: Calculate Field

I have a situation that is:
The Lead/Customer arrives on a page where there is a form.
This form contains a select field that pulls information from a CPT. The CPT has 5 options to choose from, each of which has a reference value for calculation.
These reference values can have numbers in the style of 0.0000 (must have this possibility)
When selecting one of the options through the select field, it fills in another 6 hidden fields, where these fields are used in the calculation field.
After the Lead, he inserts his name, e-mail and telephone (this I know bricksforge can do);
After the Lead, it informs a monthly Consumption value (Field Range Filter). This value will also be used in the calculation field along with the other information in the select field.
Lead clicks the submit button.
This calculation field, after calculating according to the informed formula, will insert the result in another CPT for lead capture.
After that, he is redirected to the thank you page where he presents the calculation value to Lead.

What do you think about this idea?