Idea: Extend Bricks Form Actions

The actions in the form are very limited from my point of view at the moment. Why not add additional actions like

2. email
3. email 😉
Active campaign

Please suggest other examples


  • Michael W

    I have two suggestion for additional actions:

    1. Open/Close Popup. After submit is successful, choose any popup from template, set either open or close and the ability to adjust delay to trigger the event. The trigger should only run after submit message displayed (if any). Breakdance already have this actions for their forms, and I think this is too good to be left out. This actions will be very useful for displaying any private content.

    2. Run custom shortcodes. I know native form & pro form already support custom functions, but it’s really hard for newbie or average user to work that out without proper knowledge. So if this is possible, I think it would be very beneficial. It might brings more nuisance since maybe not every other custom shortcode would be logical to implement, but I think if there is a clear guidance in the Documentation (or even videos to explain & show possible real usage) that should be okay. A warning message (to use this action at your own risk) could be added if necessary, since I think an ability to “validate” (read: automatically test) the shortcode before save to check if there is a possible error or crash might happen will be impossible/or tedious task.

  • Chris Krowchuk

    Being able to capture signature and then save the entire form as a PDF would be huge. If the PDF could be saved into a directory / subdirectory sorted by date, and also sent as email attachment, that would be super cool.

  • Michael

    Yes, MailPoet and Stripe would be amazing.

What do you think about this idea?