Idea: WordPress Admin Customisation

Hi Bricksforge,

I noticed that you had a white label option for bricksforge..

I just wondered if the functionality of this white labeling could extend to the entire WordPress Admin Dashboard..?

This could include..

1. Custom CSS
2. Show and Hide the dashboard folders [or re-order]
3. Add custom widgets or build a dashboard homepage with pricks builder
4. Styling the WordPress login form

This plugin might give some good inspiration..

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  • Spipov

    If you could extend the backend designer to give the ability to move items in the sidebar and hide or show based on user roles, (latter might not be necessary if can move items into menus/submenus, thats it, you are done, you would have done what uipress, wpadminify, whitelabel cms do, and no need for big plugins.

What do you think about this idea?