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What's Bricksforge?

Bricksforge is like the Swiss Army knife for Bricks! It not only enhances the native capabilities of the builder but also introduces a ton of new features to take your website to the next level.

Why Bricksforge?

Let's ask Bricksforge users.

One of the best plugin I’ve ever used. Feature-rich, great support, developer listens users. GSAP animations without even touching a code – it’s a game changer!


Bricksforge is hands down the best add-on for Bricks Builder. Incredibly powerful, high quality plugin, with amazing documentation and speedy development.

Daniel Baird,

Bricksforge is just amazing product. We were able to drop many expensive plugins when we adapted Bricksforge to our workflow.

Niko Alho, Muutos Digital
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Modular Approach

Only the features you activate for your project are loaded. This gives you the best possible performance.

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Bricksforge keeps your site running smoothly by minimizing bloat and focusing on what truly matters.

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Vanilla JS

Pure JavaScript. No jQuery. This results in faster load times and better overall performance for your website.

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Built in Vue 3

Developed with Vue3, the Javascript framework that was also used to develop Bricks.

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Developer Friendly

Many functions are providing a "Custom Code" area, which allows you to individually expand the existing logic.

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Great Community

With Bricksforge, you're never alone. Our active community is always ready to help, share insights, and offer guidance.

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Modular Approach

Every project is different.

Bricksforge offers a lot of functions. However, even if your project only requires one or two, just keep the rest deactivated.

No Performance Impacts

Bricksforge features a modular structure, which means only the necessary components for your project are loaded. As a result, there are no unnecessary performance impacts or disadvantages.

All Features

Pro Forms

One of the most popular elements in Bricksforge. Create impressive forms inside the builder.

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GSAP Animations

The Bricksforge Panel offers you an UI with which you can create complex animations in a simple and structured way.

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Page Transitions

Create smooth page transitions with the power of swup.js - a powerful pjax technology that will impress your visitors.

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Email Designer

Make your emails look beautiful! With the E-Mail Designer you can create your email templates via Drag & Drop.

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Event Panel

Bring your website to life by listening to various JavaScript events and responding to them with actions.

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Backend Designer

Customize the design of your WordPress backend and design the login area. The Backend Designer will make this possible.

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Admin Pages

Create new admin pages and design the content with Bricks by using appropriate templates.

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Increase your productivity by using shortcuts with the terminal, e.g. to add element structures or global classes.

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3D Models

Integrate impressive 3D models into your site, make them interactive and animate them with the Bricksforge panel.

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Builder Customizer

Define a different design for the Bricks Builder for user roles and decide who can see which elements.

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Dave Foy about Bricksforge

"Bricksforge is another swiss army knife of tool that does an absolute ton of stuff. You’ll see lots of people in the Bricks community raving about Bricksforge and the developer is very well respected indeed."

Which Bricks Addons? Part Two – Dave Foy

YouTube video
YouTube video

Paul Charlton about Bricksforge

"Bricksforge is one I think you want to check out if you want to take Bricks Builder to another level and increase the functionality you have as part of that already pretty amazing toolkit."

Unveiling My Personal Favourite WordPress Plugins & Tools for 2024 – Paul Charlton

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